Massey University Albany Malaysian Club (2019/R4)

First and foremost, we from the Massey University Albany Malaysian Club would like to express our utmost gratitude the ASA of Massey University for their kind consideration and approval of our last grant. We really appreciate the financial support and guidance shown by the ASA team. The Eid Celebration was amazing!
Eid Celebration is an annual Muslim celebration that have been awaited by all Muslims. Eid celebration does not only for the Muslims, anyone and everyone can join us to celebrate our special day!

The event was so successful that we got heaps of people coming to try our Malaysian dishes and how the Malaysians celebrate Eid. We got full supports from our members and they all came wearing Malaysian traditional clothes and put on some make-up to make it even more interesting. We also decorated the Albany House to make the atmosphere of the event more interesting with background music played throughout the event.

The event actually started the day before the Eid celebration where our committees and some of our club members join forces to prepare dishes for the event. The food took us all day as we expected a lot of people coming to the event on the next day. On the event day itself, the committees set up background music and started to decorate the hall before the guests come. Some of us were waiting at the door to welcome the guests and invite them inside. The event continued with all the arrival of the guests and they started to eat and chit-chat with all the other guests.

Approximately, more than 50 people coming to the event. The food we prepared were traditional Malaysian cuisines of various kinds and of course our Malaysian trademark, coconut rice served with chili sauce.

We got a lot of positive feedback from the guests and they are looking forward to our next event. Overall the event was wonderful although we did have some issues during and prior to the event that we will seriously take this as a meaningful lessons and experience. Once again, I thanked the ASA team for assisting us to make this event successful.

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