MACS (2019/R6)

The previous grant round assisted us in holding three successful MACS events over the past month.

On September 10th, a group of six MACS members drove to Mount Eden to receive a tour of Pead PR. We found it a highly valuable experience in gaining deeper insight into the PR industry for our members. Visiting the largest independent agency in New Zealand isn't an opportunity you get every day as students! It was a pleasure to talk with an Account Director regarding breaking into the industry with our members, and much invaluable advice was shared.

clubreport 58 a

On September 18th, we hosted our Face to Face with Industry Professionals speaker event. We ended up only having three speakers this year due to some last minute cancellations however this did not detract from the success of the event itself! Our speakers "Alex Tarrant, Luci Hare, and Kate Hayhoe" did an amazing job of inspiring our members whilst engaging which each individual, ensuring that everyone got the most out of the experience. This approach worked so well that even attendees who study areas completely different from the expertise of our speakers walked away with advice on confidence, interviews, and how to ensure that you're staying true to yourself and your values when looking for work after study. Overall, our second Face to Face event was a success and we hope that this concept will continue to grow and evolve with the club over the following years. 

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And our final and most recent event "the Media Works radio station tour" happened on October 1st. We took a group of 8 MACS members to Ponsonby and toured the offices and studios of The Edge, The Rock, and Mai FM. This was an incredibly insightful experience where our members were given the opportunity to engage with industry professionals working at one of the most successful broadcasting companies in the county. We were given plenty of chances to pick their brains about all aspects of their work and the radio industry in general, and left Ponsonby feeling incredibly inspired.

clubreport 58 c

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed each of the events we have put on over the last month as they have given us incredible inspiration and insight into the various pathways that communication can go. We would like to thank you for your on-going support of MACS.