MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2019/R6)

On 21st September, we had MUMSA annual BBQ and Potluck event at ASA - student lounge Level.  We had 60 plus guests including Massey students stuff and their spouse. We split our events into different segments that include, BBQ setup, speech about MUMSA and role of Muslims in Massey universities, A quiz computation related to Islamic related common things about daily Islamic activities, and how much audience know about Islam.

We had session about MUMSA roles and activates arrange by MUMSA executives in the current year that include:

  • Semester One clubs day event
  • Friday congregations prayers (Every Friday two sessions)
  • Breakfast arrangement for selected fasting days (Shaban, Shawal, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram)
  • Ramadan breakfast arrangement.
  • Campus Kahoot quiz (involve Muslim and non-Muslim)
  • Spirituality Week
  • Christchurch vigil and remembrance gatherings
  • St. John's Fundraiser (Christchurch victims help)
  • Semester two club's day event.
  • Annual BBQ and potluck event.
  • Looking after Prayer Space
  • Volunteer Acknowledgment Awards

We also had a session to motivate our members to vote for MUMSA and selective executives in following categories

  • Cultural Club of the Year (MUMSA)
  • Club Sustainability Award (MUMSA)
  • Most Improved Club of the Year (MUMSA)
  • Committee of the Year (MUMSA)
  • Club Event of the Year (MUMSA)
  • Contribution to Massey University Community Award (aziz )
  • Growth and Development Award (Mais Mustafa)

We also had a session for the upcoming MUMSA election, motivation for nomination, ASA Club prize distribution, etc.

We distribute the task as follows:

  • Israr Wahid looked after quiz activity and its execution: design 20 MCQ questions, mode of delivery, winner selection mechanism etc.
  • Maryam Hassan Designed a competition activity for kids, winner selection, and the stuff required for the activity.
  • Mais Mustafa wrote a script for the upcoming MUMSA election, motivation for the nomination, ASA Club prize distribution etc.
  • Kashif Ahmad Khan looked after indoor management (seating arrangement, food setup etc).
  • Mehmood Baryalai helps with on-spot registration and with the BBQ setup.
  • Sibghat Bazai will take care of overall food, logistic and BBQ.
  • Ahmed marzook will prepare the speech

Guests also enjoyed pizza and refreshments and had opportunities to win chocolates and Westfield vouchers in the fun competitive atmosphere. We had a mix of MUMSA and non-MUMSA Massey students and staff attending. We had quite a smaller number non-MUMSA of attendees at this event it was also an alternative Muslim-friendly campus event because of its venue, alcohol-free atmosphere and inclusion of halal/veg.

Special thanks: We would like to thank ASA especially Kayleigh Wheeler and Jacqueline Adams, for helping us with everything before the event especially regarding the grant application processes since this was our first time doing so. We would also appreciate and regards the support from committee members who took their time and consider our Grant request. 

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