MUA Snow Club (2019/R7)

On the 27th of September the MUASC held an SGM Meeting to elect our new exec team for 2020. We had some pizza which we provided to those who attended. As we applied for a grant from the ASA and it was approved, the majority of the cost of the pizza was covered. We are very grateful for the committee approving the grant.

As this was the last grant we applied for in 2019, we would just like to take a moment to thank the ASA and the committee for not only the grant money, but all of the help we've been lucky enough to receive this year! It's been amazingly helpful to us and we couldn't have run the trips without your help. We've now handed over to a new exec team for 2020, but we're sure they will continue with how we've run the club this year. We're excited to see where they take the club!

We've attached a photo of this year's exec team, which was taken on our South Island trip in August!

clubreport 68