MUA Football Club (2019/R6)

Our last grant was used for special grant during International Day of University Sport (IDUS). It was held on 19th September 2019 at Massey University Student Centre. We have rented inflatable soccer shoot for the event. The event has been held for about 2 hours and we managed to get around 30 students to come over and play the game. The students showed some good skills and sportsmanship which made the games more intense. We had given prizes to students who could achieved most goal scored in ten minutes will become the winner. There are about 5 winners that we chose and was given a prize. The grant is fully used for the inflatable soccer shoot.

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Club members' dinner party

We had invited every club member to join our dinner on 15th September. The total club members who attended the dinner were 15 students and we ordered 5 set of family feast.