MAPSA - Massey Albany Pasifika Students' Association (2019/R7)

clubreport 74

On Thursday 10th October 2019, MAPSA hosted and held our second official event for this year which was our "October Catch-Up Event" where we also celebrated Fijian Language Week. Our MAPSA executive team were really happy with the turnout which made it all the more enjoyable the more, the merrier!

The Pasifika Directorate were also very generous as to fund the extra Fijian foods we had on the night so no one left the event without being full and taking a plate and/or pizza home.

One of the Fijian students and MAPSA member, Pat, made a beautiful presentation about Fiji and we followed this up by having a few games including "Pukana" but instead we incorporated Fijian words like "bula" and "vinaka" which was a great fun.

Overall, it was great night with good company, good music and good food. We also received good feedback from those who attended which was an extra motivation for us to get cracking into organising an End-of-Year social.