Massey University Ultimate Frisbee Club (MUUFC) (2019/R8)

Between the 22nd and 24th of November, the Massey University Ultimate Frisbee Club to part in the Mixed Division Two Nations in Christchurch. The team (made of students from both Palmerston North and Auckland Massey) came 10th overall which is one of our best results in a nation event outside of tertiary competitions. Additionally, members of the clubs (Aaron Whitehead and Athirah Kamarunzaman of the Palmerston North campus) showed high intensity throughout the weekend ranking in the top 10 male and female players respectively. Additionally, Mitchell Brennan from the Albany campus showed expert knowledge of the spirit of the game (a key aspect of ultimate) ranking second overall in the tournament. It was an honour for all club members involved and we would like to thank the Grant Committee for supplying finds to make accommodation for the weekend more affordable.

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