MUACAC - Creative Arts Club (2019/R5)

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Thank you to all of those whom made this trip possible. Flynn, Aaliyah, Ashleigh, Savannah, Siobhan, and Megan had a phenomenal time at WOW 2019.

The show no doubt is going to inspire these artistic people to create something grand in the impending Wearable Arts competition. This trip was also an excellent way for us to boast about our club and a great way to get people involved.

We used our trip to Wellington to view more of the street art and culture. The Botanical gardens were in full bloom, Cuba Street had performers and amazing vintage bookstores and shops, we visited Te Papa and had the privilege of seeing Peter Jackson's ANZAC exhibit. Everyone's highlight was the WOW show. It was unlike anything we had anticipated. The show encompassed so many areas that we are passionate about; art, sculpture, drama, music, performance, and dance. 

All of Wellington seemed to be in the WOW spirit. The man whom initially dropped us from the airport to our Hostel even told us that he; "Likes WOW season, it's better than Ruby season, because instead of his van smelling like grog and BO it smells like flowers and artsy types".

Most of the stores had some kind of custom wearable design outside of their businesses.

We found that there was something to do and something to see everywhere in Wellington. Although the Trip was only 2 days long, we really made the most of it.