MUA Underwater Club (2019/R6)

The Massey University Albany Underwater Club received funding from the 6th grant round to purchase safety gear for our new club. We appreciate being awarded this grant as it enabled us to purchase safety gear for our club members to use on Dive and Snorkel trips. We purchased a dive flag (used to signal boats and other water users of our position in the water), emergency oxygen equipment (+ monthly rental of the O2 cylinder) and a first aid kit (to use in the event of a water related emergency), we also purchased extra safety equipment (eg. line cutting tools, compasses, deployable surface marker buoys with reels, safety whistles) for each diver to have on hand when diving as part of our safety requirements for club dives. Since purchasing the gear with the grant money we have not yet completed a club dive due to our club members studying for exams during the last months of Uni. However we plan to get out into the ocean and use our gear in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for what we get up to.

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