Massey University Student Investment Club (2019/R7)

The CSCG Committee was so kind as to provide us with $224 of funding in Round 7 in order to help the club out in funding for gifts to speakers, and to some competition winners planned for 2020.

In order to make gift-buying more straightforward, we decided to spend this funding on Westfield Vouchers purchased at Westfield Albany. This would allow the Club's Executives to use the vouchers to purchase whatever they see fit as a gift for the respective speakers or for the competitions they plan to run in the New Year. It was for this reason that we decided upon 7 $25 vouchers and 1 $50 voucher. Through purchasing multiple vouchers, it would make it easier to track spending and balances on the individual cards.

Thank you again and we look forward to continuing this fruitful and beneficial relationship with the ASA and Massey University going into 2020. We have an enthusiastic and completely new team rearing to go!