AMESS - Engineering Society (2020/R1)

On the 19th February, AMESS conducted the annual Disorientation event. This event is run specifically for first year engineering/food technology and other students that may be new to the campus, and aims to provide critical information on the layout of the campus, the technologies we have on offer and their uses, and a quick introduction from some of the staff members, but most crucially allows the students to meet each other and provides opportunities to break the ice with team building exercises, games and food.

Starting off at AV the lecturers introduced themselves and gave some great advice for tackling first year, before breaking off into small groups for a quick tour around the campus facilities. Back upstairs we set them a task of keeping a raw egg intact after dropping it off the balcony using only newspaper and tape in groups of 3-4. The students really enjoyed this and did so well we had to deconstruct their apparatus and drop them again to have a clear winner. 

clubreport 91 a

The bus arrived right on time to take the students to long bay for games and lunch where we had pizzas and used the bubble soccer orbs to play bull rush and some people also went for a swim. Seemed like everyone had a blast!

clubreport 91 b