MUA Tabletop (2020/R1)

We hosted our biggest event ever in our trivia night, which succeeded well beyond our expectations! We had fifteen teams participating and over ninety people piled into (and even outside) the Ferguson Bar, and feedback from attendees has been amazing.

clubreport 94 a

We're incredibly thankful to the CSCG Committee and the ASA for their support in providing us with supplies and the special project grant to run an ambitious event, and in advertising to students. We hope to be able to run the event again next year. We charged a small door fee for non-students, and consequently were able to turn a small profit from the event, which is a first for the club.  I'm personally proud of how we were able to run the event in a financially responsible way, making every effort to constrain our spending of grant funds by using existing resources and even securing free use of the Ferguson Bar while still running an amazing event.

clubreport 94 b