MACS (2020/R1)

Grant round 1 enabled MACS to hold a sushi meet and greet event we talked about upcoming events that members may be interested in and used this as a time to talk to new members, introduce ourselves and talk about the club. We noticed a strong interest in potential studio tours and possible media related events which we intend to cover in future events. There was also discussions about wanting work experience and internship opportunities, we will keep an eye out and post job opportunities to our Facebook group.

This meetup had a successful turn out with free sushi and drinks for everyone that attended. 

Grant round 1 enabled MACS to host club's day where we signed on about 22 new members introduced ourselves and the club to potential members. We chatted to students and potential club members, spoke about the types of events MACS holds and spoke about previous events the club has done as well, and there was a $30 Westfield voucher prize. There was brownies, lollies and a game where you had to write as many words you could think of for the word Communication. 

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