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Results for 2018 ASEC

Voting has closed and the resuts are announced.

Congratulations to all successful candidates, Successful candidates are in bold font.


  Total votes
Jason Woodroofe  139
No Confidence 11
Votes Not Cast  16
JiaJua (Sunnie) Sun 44
Venya Patel  105
No Confidence  4
Votes Not Cast  13
Education Executive  
Quinn Moffat  142
No Confidence  7
Votes Not Cast  17
Clubs' and Engagement Executive  
Joseph Taylor  74
JiaJua (Sunnie) Sun  58
No Confidence  13
Votes Not Cast  21
Academic Representative  
Quinn Moffat  76
Ryoma Ashikaga  58
No Confidence  11
Votes Not Cast 21
Welfare Representative  
Monique Neal  99
Suzannah Koningham  34
No Confidence  12
Votes Not Cast  21
Social Representative (2 positions)  
Mitchell Brennan  103
Suzannah Koningham  74
No Confidence  10
Votes Not Cast  25


Please note that Quinn Moffat elected to take the Education Executive role over the Academic Representative role.

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Sat Oct 21 2:30PM - 04:30PM
Labour Day
Mon Oct 23
Table Tennis Club
Mon Oct 23 7:30PM - 09:30PM
Study Break
Tue Oct 24
Badminton Club
Tue Oct 24 7:30PM - 09:30PM
Volleyball Club
Wed Oct 25 7:30PM - 09:30PM