Advertising on Association noticeboards is to be provided in English.  


Our website is a popular information source for Massey Albany students.

ASA members also regularly log in to access the online components of our services and student programs.

Adverts are placed at the bottom of each page.

File to be provided in jpeg or png format, size 300px *  300px

Cost $200 +GST per 1/2 semester


Reception TV screen

This TV screen is situated at our reception in the Student Lounge.

The area sees a high volume of student traffic.

The screen displays a limited number of rotating advertisements.

File to be provided in jpeg or pdf format at a size of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Cost $200 +GST per 1/2 semester


Notice board posters

We have notice boards in prime locations around the campus.

You supply the posters and we will place your poster advertising for a 6 week period (1/2 a semsester). 

Posters must be portrait orientation and maximum of A3 size.

Cost $200 +GST per 1/2 semester.


Flyers at ASA reception

Flyers will be displayed on our front counter which sees many students and staff members each day.

Maximum 100 * A5 size

Cost $50 +GST per 1/2 semester.


All inclusive package

For $500 +GST  you can receive all of the above for a half semester (6 weeks).


Student diary advertising

Around September each year, we start preparing our student diary for the next year,

1500 copies are printed in a spiral bound colour A5 format.

The diaries are given out to students during Orientation weeks in February and July.

  • Back cover $1500 +GST
  • Inside front cover $1000 +GST
  • Inside back cover $1000 +GST
  • Dividers $1000 +GST
  • Full page inside $600 +GST
  • Half page inside $375 +GST
  • Weekly stamps $1200 +GST


All prices exclude GST.

Email us to tailor a package to suit your needs or phone 09 213 6073