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ASA Executive Update - Engagement Officer - Michaela Futter

Kia orana! Welcome to Clubs’ week!
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ASA Executive Update - President - Jake Law

Kia ora koutou! Hope you are having a wonderful beginning of semester 2.

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ASA Executive Update

Pursuant to the Association’s Constitution, the ASA's Welfare Officer having failed to win a vote of confidence at the ASA Executive meeting held on 4th August 2022 has vacated the position with immediate effect. 

ASA's Education Officer has tendered his resignation as he has not enrolled for semester 2. 

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MUSAF Representation Review

Throughout 2022, Massey University Student Associations Federation (MUSAF) is working to review the services student associations provide to the student body. 


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Lecturer of the Year 2021 - Celebrating our Massey Teaching STARS!


The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus - winner announced!  Dr Greg Chawynski, senior lecturer in the School of Built Environment, College of Sciences being the ultimate winner in the 17th year of the LOTY tradition.   Our video will be released on Monday. 

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MUSAF Update for Students


This update has been provided byt the MUSAF board in response to the consultation undertaken by the associations (August 2021) and the decisions made as they relate to the MUSAF board governance structure.  Read it here. 

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Class Advocate Awards 2021


A great big THANK YOU to all of the students who have volunteered to be Class Advocates in 2021. 

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Club Prize Giving 2021

We just squeaked in with an in-person club prize giving in 2020, but it 2021 that was not to be, with Auckland campus still in level 3 lockdown. But it was still important for us to celebrate our clubs because club activities are such a key part of many students' Uni experience - and so an awards video was released at 6pm on 13th October 2021. 

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Press Release Regarding Student Associations Merger Proposal

Te Kūnenga Ki Pūrehuroa (Massey University) General Student Associations Investigate Merging  - MUSA, MAWSA, ASA, and [email protected]

All four Massey University general Students' Associations have recently investigated options to provide a more equitable student experience across all campuses, including our distance students.


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Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) 2020 goes Virtual


The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus - winner announced!  Zoë Port from the Massey Business School being the ultimate winner.

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ASA Executive's Guide to the General Election 2020

Not sure who to vote for? 

Check out the guide that the ASA Executive team have put together highlighting key issues for students. 


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Meet the 2021 ASEC

Final results are now announced for the ASA 2021 Executive Team, following PJ's withdrawal from the second poll for Education Officer. 


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Initial release of results for election of ASA Executive Team 2021

Results are announced for 5 of the 6 roles on the ASA Executive team for 2021.  

Due to a tie in the results for the role of Education Officer, as per ASA policy, a new poll for that role only will be held.  

Voting between the 2 candidates who tied for the role of Education Officer will open at 4pm on Friday 2nd October and will close at 4pm on Wednesday 7th October.



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ASA Welfare Representative Resignation and New Appointment

ASA advises the membership that Welfare Representative, Grace Amick, resigned from her role on 24/03/20.

AS per the ASA constitution sections 10.7 and 10.8, the ASA Executive, is giving 5 days’ notice of their intent to co-opt Amber Anderson to the role of Welfare Representative. 

Amber is currently registered as an ASA member and is a current class advocate- fulfilling the criteria to be eligible to be co-opted into the executive.

Amber will be formally co-opted into the executive at our ASEC meeting to be held via zoom on 09/04/20 at 6.15pm.  All members are welcome to join part 1 of this meeting. 

Meeting ID: 334 599 3012

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​ASA is taking the safety of students, staff and the wider community seriously.   As per the government directive, the ASA Office in the student lounge is now CLOSED.  But, we are all working from home and will continue to deliver our services. 

This is a link to our contact information  

Please read on, to see how our services are affected.  

This article will be updated regularly.  This update is as of  Thursday 30th April 9pm

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ASA's Lecturer of the Year 2019

The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus - winner annouced! Dr Debbie Jordan from the College of Sciences, was the ultimate winner.

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We're pleased to announce the 2020 ASA Executive team

Results of Election for 2020 Executive Committee

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Meet the Candidates!

Come along to the Student Central Plaza at 12 pm to listen to your ASA 2020 Executive candidates answer some questions on why they want to run for the position and what will they do if they win. Come and watch them to decide who you are going to cast your votes for! PS: Free food as always. 

Voting for the election opens this Friday! Head on to our ASA website, sign in or sign up (its free!) to vote for your student executives for 2020. 

​Time September 18, 2019 - 12:00 PM
​Student Central Plaza

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2020 Student Executive Election!

2020 student executive election is now open for nominations!

Here at ASA, we need YOU the students to be involved in ensuring that students have a voice, important issues are addressed and that academic standards are met here in Massey!

So nominate yourself or get your friends to nominate to run for the 8 positions we have, more information on the Election tab on the website. Or come to student central plaza this Wednesday the 7th from 12 pm to 2 pm and talk to us executives about the roles!

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2019 ASA Annual Ball

​Tickets for our annual ball is on sale now!

We are back with our annual ball and this year's theme is The Roaring 20s!

Tickets can be bought on Eventbrite

Please note that the ball is an R18+ event and students would need to bring their student ID and kiwi card/ passport / drivers license to validate your age

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