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Update from the Movie Club

We’re over half way through the year and so far we’ve had six successful events. We’re noticing that we’re getting many regulars now, while in previous years many people turned up once, then never again. It’s great to get to know our club members better.

In the next couple of weeks, we hope to begin post-movie hangouts with club members who would like to chat with their fellow movie club members and make new friends. We’re still working out the details of this, and possible relationships with nearby cafes in order to make this work, but we hope it’ll add an extra layer to our events.

Last month we started Game of Thrones viewing nights. Already we’ve all had many laughs, a lot of chocolate, and it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones with gasps of surprise at the end of every episode. The success of these nights so far means that we can continue to run this kind of event in the future.

The Movie Club also welcome a new Executive member, returning exec, Marie. We’re very please to have her back with us. We’re all looking forward to a great second semester, full of movies and new friends.

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Student Life attend Ignite 2017 Conference in Waikanae

We would like to thank the ASA for providing us with both a grant and the use of the ASA van to allow us to attend the Ignite 2017 Conference in Waikanae which was fantastic. All our club members that went really enjoyed how fun and faith growing it was. We saw them get involved in club’s day activities after the conference to invite new members to join, and offering to help others grow. Photo shows Worship at Wild Fire Night at El Rancho Waikanae


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Politics Club gets active

Clubs day was success for MUA Politics Club. We signed up 17 new members and engaged with many students in political conversations. Pin the hair on Trump was back for fun and games while a ‘match the party to the policy’ challenged students on political current events.

Following clubs' day, we had a small gathering of students for our first meeting and a great turn out to our first speaker for the semester Golriz Ghahraman. Golriz told us her journey into politics including her experience as a lawyer fighting for both children and international human rights. She touched on her hopes to be NZ’s first ever refugee MP and gave us her stance on election issues. Some great questions were asked by students which facilitated plenty of great discussion points. Thanks again to Golriz for coming in to speak!

Look out for our upcoming events: Jin Ann will be coming in to speak on the 16th of August, and into September we will be running more events to engage students in the upcoming elections. 

Politics Golriz

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Japanese Club - Onigiri Class

Thanks to the committee for the previous grant, the Japanese Club had a successful Onigiri Making Event! We were able to create an event in which students could take part in making their own Onigiri. Onigiri is a traditional Japanese rice ball that has been consumed for generation. It was a great time as people could enjoy eating something they themselves had a part in creating. The grant was successfully used in buying the ingredients for the event.

The Japanese club still continues to grow and meets bi-weekly for an array of different activities organised by the executives. We wish to continue to create more fun activities that become great memories for the members.

Japanese Onigiri

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Cricket Club getting regular practice at the cricket lanes

We received a grant and have booked twice weekly pratice sessions at the nets in the recreation centre. There's been an received excellent response with keen interest and steadily growing attendance as we lead up to the cricket season. We intend to field a Massey University Cricket Team under the TDCC banner and most importantly have some fun!

Cricket Lanes hire

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MUASC adventures on film

Check out the Snow Club!!


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Badminton club flourishing

Massey University and ASA has supported Massey University Badminton Club (MUBC) through many ways. Grant application approval every semester greatly helps in running the club. MUBC was able to order the amount of shuttlecocks necessary to play for one whole semester. The members were excited and enthusiastic to join MUBC and attend regularly due to the constant availability of shuttles that meet their standard and expectation. We are looking forward for the upcoming semesters for new members, be it beginners or expert to join our badminton club. Many beginner players has picked up their skills and rhythm for every games played. Players with more experience are also happy to give guidance to the beginners and we all  improve social and badminton skills together.


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State of play from the Football club

The students in our outdoor football team have been having fun, with a little bit of success too. They are through to the quarter finals in their cup draw, and this week won 7-0 in their league game.

For football fix term 2, Massey got to 3rd place in the mixed league after being knocked out in the semi-finals. This is the first time in the last two years we haven’t finished 1st, so hopefully we can win the trophy back this term.

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Update from the Investment club on the use of grant funds

We have provided a delicious Pizza lunch for our members at a club meeting in May, with our guest, Gavin Busch, who is a Financial Planner. The food added to our meeting and created an environment for questions and answers with Gavin, after the meeting concluded. Gift vouchers have been purchased from the grant funds. They will be awarded to particularly successful students with special achievements in the OMF c-trader competition, such as “most consecutive profitable trades”. The Prize-Giving takes place at our first meeting in semester 2. The screen wipes have contributed to a cleaner and more comfortable environment in the Trading Room.Thank you for supporting us in our endeavours as a Club.

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Update from the Rock Climbing Club

Through the continued support of CSCG, the Massey University Rock Climbing Club (MUARCC) has been extremely successful in providing a fun, social and energetic weekly climbing experience to the students of Massey University throughout semester one. Over this period we have seen many of our member’s progress in leaps and bounds, from noobies through to two of our members recently passing their lead licence exams. We owe this success to our tight knit group of passionate student climbs who are always more than eager to head to the gym or outdoors to teach their comrades the ropes.



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Frisbee Club compete in Kohi autumn league

Thanks to the grant given by the ASA, MUFF was able compete in the Kohi Autumn League. Joining the league gave the club members the well needed experience required to take their skills to the next level. The club enjoyed competing in this league and we are looking forward to participate in upcoming leagues/tournaments.


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MUA Malaysian Club - Get-together Study Group

Thanks to the R4 grant, the Get-together Study Group ended up as a success.  As a club, we felt the need to interact with the club members and support each other in study, through sharing own particular study regimen. Apart from that, thanks to the grant we were able to provide savory snacks to ward off hunger pangs while studying and enticed people to join us. There were 10 club members who studying different courses attended this event. All the club members including a senior student who had graduated presented in time. We brought own lecture notes and notebook. In the first ½ hour, each of us had a chance to voice our confusion, issues or problems that we were having with the study materials. We took turn ‘presenting’ the problems and all the members had contributed own suggestions and ideas to address the issues/problems. The rest of the time we reviewed our own notes. Senior student had provided us unique insights and some techniques to attempt exam questions. All the club members were committed to help and encourage each other. As we were working together, it made learning much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Lastly, we are really grateful towards ASA for approving this grant application for round 4. It created the bridge to give and receive motivation and support from the group members.


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MACS study groups and end of semester lunch

Students studying the same subjects were able to exchange notes and study tips and 2nd/3rd year students were able to give advice to 1st year students. It was a very successful event with the members who attended feeling that it was very helpful and showing interest in MACS holding more study groups in the future. MACS also held an end of semester lunch at The Ferguson Bar with pizza and snacks provided so they could talk to the members who had attended events this semester and ask them what they enjoyed and wanted to see more of. The event was very successful with the majority of MACS members attending and contributing ideas for what they would like to see from MACS in the future. These were both successful events are helping MACS in creating an impacting and sustainable club. 

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Things are busy at MUA Yoga Lounge

MUA Yoga lounge hold a weekly session every Wednesday from 12.30 to 1.30pm. They practice yoga, meditation or host a speaker who gives balanced healthy lifestyle advice. After the session, they share a nutritious homemade vegetarian lunch. This sharing of food not only nourishes the body, but gives students time to form friendships and community thus helping reduce stress and promote a healthy mind.  In March, the club held a lifestyle management seminar, “Success fever”. Over 30 students attended, many of them new to Yoga Lounge. They are planning to cater for 50 students next time. The club have more recently held popular events leading up to and including study week, these included yoga and stress less meditation sessions all followed by lunch.


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MUA Student Life club retreat AMPED

The grant contributing to the cost of 9 of our members attending the weekend retreat AMPED with the wider Auckland campuses enabled the club to have a successful event. We had whole lot of fun and have seen greater weekly meetings attendees and participation. The general feedback from the members was they wish it was a longer time away. We are now looking forward to the conference coming up this mid-year break.

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Politics club meet-ups and guest speakers

Club Meetings: We held two club meetings from the end of April to May, which were each attended by about 20 students and a few support staff. These meetings provided the opportunity to discuss local and world politics,  and to reflect on the speakers from previous events, Chloe Swarbrick, Green Party candidate and Amnesty International, and to get suggestions for potential speakers and future events, all over food of course!

Amnesty International: On the 4th of May Margaret Taylor from Amnesty International talked to us about human rights violations in New Zealand and abroad. She shared what Amnesty stands for/does, her journey into being a human rights activist and some issues that have struck her during her work. Twenty students engaged in discussion about human rights abuses around the world from Saudi Arabia to Russia to Rwanda. Issues in NZ such as the poverty line debate were also touched on. We thank Margaret again for her time. It was a very interesting and thought-provoking event. 

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Yoga Lounge at Spirituality Week

MUA Yoga Lounge had a table in the student hub area on Tuesday 9th May, during Spirituality Week and served free vegetarian healthy curry, rice and salad to over 100 students. They also handed out flyers to students when they got their meal promoting a free meditation seminar the following day and signed up many to their weekly e-mail list.

Yoga Spirituality

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Cricket Club grateful for new equipment

The cricket club is enjoying their new equipment purchased with the support of a club startup grant.  We now having playing equipment and protective equipment and  we invite all  members for a hit at the nets in the Recreation Centre from 4:30 – 5:30pm on any Friday (currently till the 3rd of June). 


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MUARCC climbing weekly at Panmure

With the continued support of CSCG grant committee, the Massey University Albany Rock Climbing Club is once again heading out on our weekly climbs to the Extreme Edge rock wall in Panmure. Securing the latest grants has allowed us to dramatically discount entry for our members. The jab to the wallet is now at the point where a night of fun and exertion is on par with a pint of Guinness in the pub. We hope to see even more happy new faces as the semester progresses!


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Student Investment Club off to a good start

Thank you for accepting our previous grant. With that money, we purchased our club apparel and publicly display our shirts at our weekly meetings. The remaining shirts are planned to be used with Facebook and attendance competitions which are to be implemented next semester. The movie night however was not very successful having poor attendance. We trace the issue to timing and lateness of the event. Members having to drive back to university at the end of the day only for a movie was not an effective time consideration therefore in future we would not consider doing movie nights. The vouchers have been well enjoyed, promoted the club and increased attendance as planned. We hope through future grants that we could continue those to help maintain our club numbers. 


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