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ASA's Lecturer of the Year 2017

The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus was held on Friday 17th November. 


The awards took place in the student lounge which had been transformed true to the LOTY theme, by a phenomenal group of hardworking ASA volunteers.

Thanks to all students who nominated their lecturers!

166 lecturers, (a record number, as it is every year), were nominated for this award by the students on the Albany campus and they were all invited to attend a magnificent celebration luncheon and awards ceremony on Friday 17th November. Without a doubt this is an event that once attended, lecturers strive to be invited to again. 

Nominees were presented with a certificate showing the comments that students had included with their nominations and took away a LOTY ribbon and feather (some lecturers will be adding these to their collections), and a very full candy bag!  Much laughter and applause eminated from the audience as they read the preview of comments on the big screen as each nominee received their certificate. 

A trophy was awarded to each of the 4 college winners and some special Advocacy Accolades, a.ka., "The Penny's", were also awarded. 

As part of the awards presentation, ASA paid tribute, via a series of orange memes, to retiring campus registrar, Andrea Davies. 

Simon Cope from the Massey Business School, was the ultimate winner.  ASA were delighted that after several years of coming close and twice before, taking out the Massey Business School award, that Simon was named the overall Lecturer of the Year for 2017. 

Full results are below. 

2017 Lecturer of the Year

Simon Cope

College Winners

College of Health : Dr Judy Thomas (2nd year in a row)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences : Dr Peter Cannon

College of Sciences : Dr Mikael Boulic

Massey Business School : Simon Cope

Advocacy Accolades

The Tower Award: Jonathan Elms

For being able to communicate the essentials required to learn and understand. Always a beacon of inspiration and insight, his teaching lights student enthusiasm to extraodinary levels. Learning with Jonathan is never a gamble - his students always come out as winners.

The Xena Award: Zoe Port

There is nothing hit and miss when being taught by Zoe nor is there anything to fear. Her teaching is legendary and her skills formidable. She is a knowledgeable warrior princess for her students and has all the right moves to combat boredom.

The Mark Todd Award: Gabriel Eweje

Gabriel's classes are experiential events which students never want to miss. He is able to harness his enthusiasm and skill for what is indeed 'no faults' teaching. In the academic arena, Gabriel does not merely walk the course but, instead, he clears all learning and teaching requirements without a hitch.

The Hokey Pokey Award: Jane Marshall

Jane has the tried and true recipe for keeping students interested and learning. Smooth and accessible teaching packed with solid but bite sized chunks of information. She's sweet wonder Jane's everybody's favourite.

The Tui Award: Jane Parker

Extremely personable, Jane provides a complicated mix of opinion and perspective which students are always happy to listen to. Subtle, nuanced and occasionally strident teaching ensures students have the necessary academic vocabulary and voice to stay in tune with the demands of future employment priorities and demands.

ASA Appreciation Award

An annual award given to an outstanding and well-deserving general staff member: Liz Eckhoff

In grateful appreciation and recognition for your genuine dedication to students at Massey Auckland and a willingness to be of assistance at all times.

Photographs can be viewed here. 


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