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Community Garden Welcome BBQ

Using some of the grant from round 1 we were able to hold an introductory barbeque for new members of the Community Garden. This has been a very successful event as everyone enjoyed themselves and got to know each other, we even had a number of members from the wider community come along and get involved. The photos below were taken at the BBQ and show some of the food made from the garden produce as well as the number of people who came along. It was a great opportunity to show people the garden and talk about their ideas for the coming year. We have also been involved with clubs day which was very successful with 27 new members signing up and a large amount of interest in the garden and what activities we do. The community garden also ran a station as part of the Massey Amazing racing, where contestants needed to find and label four plants in the garden. This proved a bit of a challenge for some teams but was good fun for everyone involved. There was great support from club members for all of these events with a number of people helping out and running the activities.

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