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Malaysian Club - Night Market

Click on Continue reading to read the Malaysian Club's full report on their stall at the Night Market. NightMarket


Thanks to the grant from round 5, we were able to participate in the night market event and started off the night market by setting up food and drinks for sale.


The food that we were selling was “nasi lemak’ which is also known as coconut rice. Meanwhile, the drinks that we were selling were soy milk with grass jelly.

Fortunately, our food and drinks were prepared by both our club members and committees. This is essential because as a club we want to encourage participation and commitment from both committees and club members.

The night market held this semester was fairly quiet with a little amount of people around. Although the amount of people that were visible were fairly small, we were still able to attract most of the existing customers with the unique food we sold which lead to a good amount of positive response.

After the event, we decided to give out some free food to people around the campus to prevent the waste of food. The success of applying for grant 5 is really meaningful to us and the club. We were grateful that both the members and committees could gain more experience through the night market which would ultimately put us and our club in a good position for future development.


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