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Malaysian Club Semester 2 Welcome Dinner

One of the most active clubs on campus at the moment, the Malaysian Club hosted a very successful welcome dinner in the Atrium Round Room. Continue Reading to see the full report.

As a club, we felt the need to interact with the members in the club. Therefore, the welcome party sets the aim in achieving that.

This event is organised to allow members of the club to get together and just simply getting along with one another. At the starting of the welcome party, food was prepared to set the tone and atmosphere with club committees and club members eating and interacting with one another.

We had an introduction of ourselves to also allow everyone to know the names of one other. Moving on after dinner, we had games such as musical chair and mafia. As cliché as it sounds but the games we played has successfully been a catalyst in breaking the ice.

We as the club committees had the chance to interact and increase the relationship of us and the club members and we personally think that this is essential in getting the members to be more engaged and committed to the club. Last but not least, we are really grateful for the success of grant application for round 5. It really creates the bridge by allowing us to organise more exciting events by being able to provide food and drinks to organise a better event.


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