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MAMC - Movie Club - Our year so far and what's in store!


Here's an update from the movie club covering the following: 

  • Indoor Movie Night during Semester 1 Orientation
  • Movie Club Semester 1 outings - 4 events
  • Clubs' Day Success
  • Future Plans
  • Movie Club Indoor Movie Night

    During O-week (Semester 1), the Movie Club hosted a themed indoor movie night that featured a room full of bright beanbags, an outdoor food area with BBQ, popcorn & candyfloss and trays full of mini-doughnuts with chocolate sauce. The areas were decorated with LED’s and signage to add to the experience.

    The movie, selected by popular vote, was The Road to El Dorado. A funny and entertaining Disney film that seemed to be very popular. There were around 150 students that came to enjoy the night and the room was full to the brim! We had 2-3 students sitting on each beanbag, which made for a cozy and buzzing atmosphere. Some students watched the whole movie and others chose to socialise in the outdoor food area. All in all, a great night!

    The word spread about the club and we received 300+ sign-ups on clubs' day the next day!


    Movie Club Movie Nights

    Movie club was able to host several movie nights at EVENTs cinemas as a result of the grant received from the ASA. Students used the Movie Club Facebook page to suggest and vote for their preferred movies and session times, and the executive team made it happen. The club recently watched 4 popular new releases: X-men, Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman and Captain America. There were on average 70 to 150 students attending every event and the feedback has been very positive!

    The club put together an awesome new website that allows students to see all the event information and book their tickets online. The system also allows for easy check in on the night, so that we can get all the tickets out in time.


    Clubs' Day Success

    As a result of several successful movie nights at EVENTs cinemas, the club was able to fund the purchase of posters, lollies, flyers and more. This made for an attractive and colourful table on club’s day which lead to another 100+ sign-ups to bring the Movie Club member count up to over 700. All in all, a great day!


    Future plans for Movie Club

    • EVENT Movies
      Our most popular events, the movie screenings at EVENTs cinemas, will make a comeback in semester 2, starting with the very popular film – The Suicide Squad.

    • Mailing System and Website Update
      With over 700 members, we’re looking at setting up a mailing system that can send out fun and informational newsletters and updates to all our members about events. We’re also planning on improving the website to allow students to vote for movies, make suggestions and find information about the club.

    • Outdoor Movie Night
      We are planning to host another themed movie night on campus, but this time we want it to be bigger and better. We’re also hoping to make this one outdoors as it will be springtime. Again, we’re looking to the students to vote for their preferred movie, and we’re hoping to see 200+ students there enjoying the night.

    • Movie Themed Party
      The Movie Club hopes to increase interaction between students and enhance campus life, and what better way to do that than to host a movie themed party!

    • Movie Quiz Night
      We’d love to give students a chance to mingle and test their movie memories by hosting a movie themed quiz night. We’ll test them on everything from Harry Potter to Jason Bourne and the most movie savvy will go home with some sweet prizes. 

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