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MUA Malaysian Club Games Day

Malaysian Games
MUA Malaysian club had the opportunity to organise a game day named “Escape and Hunt” which is open publicly to both club members and non-members. The event has been divided into 3 sections. It started off with an ice breaking session aim to break the awkwardness between participants and few mini games were then played to enhance the bond between participants and team work within each group. The mini games that were played includes a quick race to recreation centre, charades, one team one leg, balloon stomp and general quiz. All these games require team work and chemistry within teams. It was meant to be a perfect kick-starter before the final mission that was going to take place after lunch. Besides that, there were points taken based on each team’s performance which morally boost their eager and effort while taking part in games. The second part of this event was lunchtime. Food includes pizza and snacks and drinks were also provided to participants. During lunch time, there is a cookie challenge for members to have the opportunity to increase their team points which could be useful for the main game to be played after break. In the final section of this game day, teams were meant to avoid being caught by “monster” (one of us from organised team) while finding clues around the campus. They also have to figure out the location of hidden treasure based on the clues obtained. The game was extremely successful; every team worked hard in finding clues with passion and hard work. Surprisingly, all the teams were working together to find the treasure and the winning team shared the final prize with everyone. It was a fun day and a wonderful experience filled with positive feedback. 
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