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Muslim Prayer Rooms on Campus

The Male Muslim Prayer Room on the Oteha Rohe Campus is being relocated from Building 117.03 to Building 52.09, effective 27th February.

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MACS visit TV3

The previous round of grants provided the incentive and means for us to host a series of successful events including a tour of TV3 and a training lunch for MACS 2017's Executive Committee. Both events were successful in creating an impacting and sustainable club. Make MACS the club you join this year!

MACS members at the TV3 tour:


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Tabletop Club - Lots of new boardgames for all to play

Thanks to our startup grant we were able to purchase what is absolutely necessary for any board games club: Board Games! We purchased about 20 different games of all levels, from family classics such as Apples to Apples and Hanabi to the long strategy of A Game of Thrones. Thanks to these, we always have plenty to choose from, and games to suit all tastes. We also purchased some small essentials such as dice, playing cards and plenty of re-sealable bags to keep track of parts and pieces – perfect for complex board games! With all of these, we’re set to make 2017 a great year for board-gamers. New members are always welcome, so come along to one of our sessions and make some uni friends that could be friends for life!


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NZUSA have been working with Studylink

NZUSA have recently met with Studylink and have sent us the following information:

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Albany's Lecturer of the Year 2016

ASA is proud to announce that Dr Frederick Lam has been voted "Lecturer of the Year" for 2016.

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ASA's Lecturer of the Year 2017

The students' choice awards for the best of the best lecturers on the Albany campus was held on Friday 17th November. 

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Stress Busters News

Read all about how Stress Busters save the day at Massey Albany. 

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Ace of Clubs - Clubs' Prize Giving 2016

The annual clubs' prize giving was held on 19th October.  

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Massey Albany Aerial Arts- Carnaval de la noche

On the 29th of September, the club attended the Carnaval de la noche show. This was an enjoyable evening for all who attended. The show was great and very inspirational. All of us that attended left driven and inspired to keep improving our own skills so that we can enter in future competitions. As there were prizes for best dressed, everyone was face painted by Tash, and went as cats.

The evening has pushed us to do even better and we are hoping to send some members to the next show in early 2017. The show wasn’t only pole fitness. It included other aerial art acts such as hoop lyra and aerial chair. The aerial arts club wants to expand their offering from pole to include such acts in the future so it was excellent to see the potential for the club’s future endeavours.


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Malaysian Club End of Year BBQ

Malayasian eoy bbq

Thanks to the grant approval from round 7, our club managed to organise yet another successful event to wrap up the year with a perfect ending on a perfect night. In the beginning we had the plan of having a BBQ night around the campfire with both our club members and committees. However, the rainy weather did not grant us the opportunity for that. Despite that, we had a great night to remember. To our great surprise, our new club member have been very supportive and devoted to the club, it's mostly been the members helping out early in the evening preparing the food and cleaning up as well. It was definitely a great night to remember with deep conversations and entertaining games. 

We felt the need to emphasize our appreciation towards ASA for not only the grant approval but also all the help given. It would have been impossible for us to develop the growth of our club without all the assistance. This will be our last event of the semester and as cliché as it sounds, thank you!

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Beta Alpha Psi - Meet the Grads event

We are hugely thankful to ASA and the committee for providing our grant. It allowed Beta Alpha Psi members to interact and make connections with professionals and other students at a number of events. We hosted a “Meet the Grads” event where we had 6 guest speakers from firms such as KPMG, ANZ, EY, PWC and Auckland Transport who spoke about their experiences leaving University and entering the workforce. Their advice and Q&A session was very valuable to our club members. The most recent event we hosted was a Mock Interview. This entailed an associate recruitment consultant from Walker Anderson performing an exemplar interview for our club members to watch. With our guest sharing her advice and expertise, it gave students great insight to what employers are looking for. 


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Tennis Club meets every Wednesday

With the assistance of club grant funding, MUA Tennis Club has been able to play every week at the Albany Tennis Northern. This has been a great opportunity to meet new people and have challenging matches! Thank you for all your support.

tennis grp

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ASA Executive Elections Results

The results from the 2016 election of the 2017 ASA Executive can be viewed here. 

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AMESS Event Portfolio 2016


AMESS have created a comprehensive report of their events and activities for the year todate. It makes a great read and might give you some ideas for your club. Click the photo to read it. 

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Football Club enter Football Fix competition

FootballFix MixedOur first attempt at creating an all gender mixed MAFC team has been an amazing success. There are committed male and female students attending all of the games in the competition, and from their feedback it appears they are all enjoying themselves and having fun. Due to the success we have had with Football Fix in term 3, we have decided it is totally worthwhile to list another mixed team in their competition for term 4.

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Malaysian Club celebrate Malaysian National Day


Thanks to the grant from round 6, we were able to create a successful event that we believe is very vital for our club development and also in enhancing the relationship between us and our club members. The event started off with our committee members arriving at the wonder room early to set up the room with decorations and posters. Besides that, some of the members and committees turned up with their own traditional clothing to support our event. When the members arrived, we walked them through the walls of posters about Malaysian culture and we also played a few rounds of spy-fall with the members to act as a quick ice breaker to help members know each other better.  Continued/.....

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MACS continue their networking series

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means for us to host a series of successful events including two industry speakers. Firstly, we held a meet and greet where we welcomed some new members and networked between students. Secondly, we had Spark’s Corporate Relations Manager, Andrew Pirie who spoke with us about the marketing and communications change over between Telecom and Spark.


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[email protected] feeds their members!

We are extremely grateful for the grant for food that we received last time. This has helped us to provide supper to the group, which has contributed greatly to the atmosphere and ability for students to connect well on Friday nights. The pizza, fruit, snacks, cold drinks, etc. that we have been able to provide has contributed to the success of the group.

The General Grant applied for in Round 2 allows us to provide food to the members of ComeUnity each week. Our members often mention how they look forward to the food on Friday nights and are grateful for what is provided. Also, we have had a number of successful social ‘pizza’ nights where we have invited other clubs at Massey to attend allowing an opportunity for networking by creating an atmosphere of inclusion. Having the grant available to fund such events as well as our Friday night events has been invaluable. 

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Newsletter - Semester 2 Part 2

Read it now, and if our newsletter isn't coming directly to your inbox, make sure you've joined up with ASA and ticked the newsletter box!

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Musicians' and Songwriters' Collective

Looking for members for this proposed new club.  The vision for the club is that it will be a place where student musicians and songwriters could come together and share their knowledge.

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