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Malaysian Club celebrate Malaysian National Day


Thanks to the grant from round 6, we were able to create a successful event that we believe is very vital for our club development and also in enhancing the relationship between us and our club members. The event started off with our committee members arriving at the wonder room early to set up the room with decorations and posters. Besides that, some of the members and committees turned up with their own traditional clothing to support our event. When the members arrived, we walked them through the walls of posters about Malaysian culture and we also played a few rounds of spy-fall with the members to act as a quick ice breaker to help members know each other better.  Continued/.....

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MACS continue their networking series

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means for us to host a series of successful events including two industry speakers. Firstly, we held a meet and greet where we welcomed some new members and networked between students. Secondly, we had Spark’s Corporate Relations Manager, Andrew Pirie who spoke with us about the marketing and communications change over between Telecom and Spark.


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[email protected] feeds their members!

We are extremely grateful for the grant for food that we received last time. This has helped us to provide supper to the group, which has contributed greatly to the atmosphere and ability for students to connect well on Friday nights. The pizza, fruit, snacks, cold drinks, etc. that we have been able to provide has contributed to the success of the group.

The General Grant applied for in Round 2 allows us to provide food to the members of ComeUnity each week. Our members often mention how they look forward to the food on Friday nights and are grateful for what is provided. Also, we have had a number of successful social ‘pizza’ nights where we have invited other clubs at Massey to attend allowing an opportunity for networking by creating an atmosphere of inclusion. Having the grant available to fund such events as well as our Friday night events has been invaluable. 

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Newsletter - Semester 2 Part 2

Read it now, and if our newsletter isn't coming directly to your inbox, make sure you've joined up with ASA and ticked the newsletter box!

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Musicians' and Songwriters' Collective

Looking for members for this proposed new club.  The vision for the club is that it will be a place where student musicians and songwriters could come together and share their knowledge.

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Meet the candidates for the 2017 ASA Executive

Read all about our 2017 ASA Executive candidates here. And if you've not already signed up to join the ASA on this website, make sure you do so ahead of the election to make voting for your preferred candidates so much quicker!

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Nominations have closed for ASA Elections

15 students have been nominated to fill the 7 seats on the 2017 ASA Executive Committee.  

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University updates info re Student Services Levy

The University has recently published more information on how the student services levy that you pay is spent. 

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Ask ASA video - Exec nominations

Watch this video to find out why and how to get nominated to our Executive team for 2017.

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Newsletter Published - 15th August!

Includes info on Executive nominations, ASA Ball, BBQs, Advanced Advocacy training, Club info and MORE! Click to read

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Nominations are open for the 2017 ASA Executive

Nominations opened today, 15th August and run until 26th August, for candidates to stand for election to the 2017 ASA Executive. 


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University Challenge Team announced

Meet the 5-member team, who will be representing Massey University to compete for the University Challenge NZ 2016 TV Show in Wellington, in 2 weeks time!

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MACS - 2 speaker events

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means for us to host a series of successful events with two speakers with extensive journalism industry experience; Jayne Atherton who has worked in BBC Breakfast and Sky News, and Stephen Hammond who was an editor for the Guardian Media Group. Our second event with Strahan Wallis from PR firm Porter Novelli also proved popular with students from other educational institutes coming for the presentation. We also had Elaine Koller and Anna Dixon from PRINZ discuss their professional experience and knowledge within the public relations industry. 


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Badminton Club Update

Massey University has supported Massey University Badminton Club (MUBC) through many ways, particularly by providing a grant each semester for us to purchase shuttlecocks.  The members are excited and enthusiastic to join MUBC and attend regularly due to the constant availability of shuttles that meet their standard and expectation. We are looking forward for the upcoming semesters for new members, be it beginners or expert to join our badminton club. Many beginner players have picked up their skills and rhythm for every games played. Players with more experience were also happy to give guidance to the beginners and improve social and badminton skills together. All of these could only be achieved by maintaining good connection and relationship between the members, club, ASA and Massey University all together. 

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Frisbee Club get new playing shirts

Thanks to a grant the Ultimate Frisbee have been able to purchase team playing shirts. The club members have given positive feedback about the shirts and  are looking forward to competin in them in tournaments. 
frisbee jersey
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Malaysian Club Semester 2 Welcome Dinner

One of the most active clubs on campus at the moment, the Malaysian Club hosted a very successful welcome dinner in the Atrium Round Room. Continue Reading to see the full report.

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Malaysian Club - Night Market

Click on Continue reading to read the Malaysian Club's full report on their stall at the Night Market. NightMarket


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Legacy Conference Update - Student Life Club

"I had a lot of expectations about conference and what it would be like. My friends at Auckland Uni would always rave about it so I couldn’t wait to start university, join Student Life and finally be able to attend the camp I’d heard so much about. Being a part of the first year of Massey Student Life is exciting, and the conference was great for us to form connections with students on other campuses and see what Student Life is doing around the country. I think for our Massey representatives, the conference really helped us to see the potential we have to grow as a group and reach out to the campus. The lessons we learned, discussions we had and friendships we formed at conference have set us in good stead to be able to leave a lasting legacy on our campus." Molly Pottinger-Coombes

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Massey University Business Clubs Networking Event


On Monday the 1st of August the Investment Club, Beta Alpha Psi, The Accountancy Club and MUSE came together to host a Business Clubs Networking Evening. Click continue reading for our brief summary of the event, accompanied by photos and a thank you to those who supported the event. 

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MAMC - Movie Club - Our year so far and what's in store!


Here's an update from the movie club covering the following: 

  • Indoor Movie Night during Semester 1 Orientation
  • Movie Club Semester 1 outings - 4 events
  • Clubs' Day Success
  • Future Plans
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