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Meet the candidates for the 2017 ASA Executive

Read all about our 2017 ASA Executive candidates here. And if you've not already signed up to join the ASA on this website, make sure you do so ahead of the election to make voting for your preferred candidates so much quicker!

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Nominations have closed for ASA Elections

15 students have been nominated to fill the 7 seats on the 2017 ASA Executive Committee.  

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University updates info re Student Services Levy

The University has recently published more information on how the student services levy that you pay is spent. 

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Ask ASA video - Exec nominations

Watch this video to find out why and how to get nominated to our Executive team for 2017.

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Newsletter Published - 15th August!

Includes info on Executive nominations, ASA Ball, BBQs, Advanced Advocacy training, Club info and MORE! Click to read

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Nominations are open for the 2017 ASA Executive

Nominations opened today, 15th August and run until 26th August, for candidates to stand for election to the 2017 ASA Executive. 


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University Challenge Team announced

Meet the 5-member team, who will be representing Massey University to compete for the University Challenge NZ 2016 TV Show in Wellington, in 2 weeks time!

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MACS - 2 speaker events

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means for us to host a series of successful events with two speakers with extensive journalism industry experience; Jayne Atherton who has worked in BBC Breakfast and Sky News, and Stephen Hammond who was an editor for the Guardian Media Group. Our second event with Strahan Wallis from PR firm Porter Novelli also proved popular with students from other educational institutes coming for the presentation. We also had Elaine Koller and Anna Dixon from PRINZ discuss their professional experience and knowledge within the public relations industry. 


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Badminton Club Update

Massey University has supported Massey University Badminton Club (MUBC) through many ways, particularly by providing a grant each semester for us to purchase shuttlecocks.  The members are excited and enthusiastic to join MUBC and attend regularly due to the constant availability of shuttles that meet their standard and expectation. We are looking forward for the upcoming semesters for new members, be it beginners or expert to join our badminton club. Many beginner players have picked up their skills and rhythm for every games played. Players with more experience were also happy to give guidance to the beginners and improve social and badminton skills together. All of these could only be achieved by maintaining good connection and relationship between the members, club, ASA and Massey University all together. 

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Frisbee Club get new playing shirts

Thanks to a grant the Ultimate Frisbee have been able to purchase team playing shirts. The club members have given positive feedback about the shirts and  are looking forward to competin in them in tournaments. 
frisbee jersey
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Malaysian Club Semester 2 Welcome Dinner

One of the most active clubs on campus at the moment, the Malaysian Club hosted a very successful welcome dinner in the Atrium Round Room. Continue Reading to see the full report.

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Malaysian Club - Night Market

Click on Continue reading to read the Malaysian Club's full report on their stall at the Night Market. NightMarket


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Legacy Conference Update - Student Life Club

"I had a lot of expectations about conference and what it would be like. My friends at Auckland Uni would always rave about it so I couldn’t wait to start university, join Student Life and finally be able to attend the camp I’d heard so much about. Being a part of the first year of Massey Student Life is exciting, and the conference was great for us to form connections with students on other campuses and see what Student Life is doing around the country. I think for our Massey representatives, the conference really helped us to see the potential we have to grow as a group and reach out to the campus. The lessons we learned, discussions we had and friendships we formed at conference have set us in good stead to be able to leave a lasting legacy on our campus." Molly Pottinger-Coombes

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Massey University Business Clubs Networking Event


On Monday the 1st of August the Investment Club, Beta Alpha Psi, The Accountancy Club and MUSE came together to host a Business Clubs Networking Evening. Click continue reading for our brief summary of the event, accompanied by photos and a thank you to those who supported the event. 

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MAMC - Movie Club - Our year so far and what's in store!


Here's an update from the movie club covering the following: 

  • Indoor Movie Night during Semester 1 Orientation
  • Movie Club Semester 1 outings - 4 events
  • Clubs' Day Success
  • Future Plans
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    Resignation of Social Vice-President

    Jessica Montgomerie tendered her resignation as Social Vice-President during the executive meeting held on 15th July. As more than half of the term had been served, the executive committee decided not to run a by-election for the position. 

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    MUA Malaysian Club Games Day

    Malaysian Games
    MUA Malaysian club had the opportunity to organise a game day named “Escape and Hunt” which is open publicly to both club members and non-members. The event has been divided into 3 sections. It started off with an ice breaking session aim to break the awkwardness between participants and few mini games were then played to enhance the bond between participants and team work within each group. The mini games that were played includes a quick race to recreation centre, charades, one team one leg, balloon stomp and general quiz. All these games require team work and chemistry within teams. It was meant to be a perfect kick-starter before the final mission that was going to take place after lunch. Besides that, there were points taken based on each team’s performance which morally boost their eager and effort while taking part in games. The second part of this event was lunchtime. Food includes pizza and snacks and drinks were also provided to participants. During lunch time, there is a cookie challenge for members to have the opportunity to increase their team points which could be useful for the main game to be played after break. In the final section of this game day, teams were meant to avoid being caught by “monster” (one of us from organised team) while finding clues around the campus. They also have to figure out the location of hidden treasure based on the clues obtained. The game was extremely successful; every team worked hard in finding clues with passion and hard work. Surprisingly, all the teams were working together to find the treasure and the winning team shared the final prize with everyone. It was a fun day and a wonderful experience filled with positive feedback. 
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    MUA Malaysian Club Movie Night

    Malaysian movie night
    Thanks to the grant from round 4, we as the Malaysian club had a movie night held at one of our member’s houses. The movie that we watched was “Charlie St Cloud”. As committees, we arrived early to the spot for food and drinks preparation. Besides having snacks bought using the club grant, members also contributed by bringing in homemade cake and red bean soup as dessert.During the pause of the movie, we had a quick introduction which followed up with questions on member’s names. The motive of having this activity is to encourage the interaction among club members and ultimately reinforce the relationship between club members. Few questions about the movie were also asked and the movie was then resumed after the snack break with the taste of the homemade cake and red bean soup. Since the movie ended earlier, games such as ‘Mafia’ were played among the members. It was a fun night and we received some positive feedback about this event. It was a privilege to be able to successfully apply for club grant 4 and hopefully we can do more events in the future with a better commitment from members leading to a much positive response. 
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    Engineers Eat Burgers Thanks To New BBQ and Freezer

    Thanks to the kind grant allowing AMESS to purchase a new BBQ, a freezer and regular BBQ food/supplies, countless students on the Albany Village campus have benefited from these monthly BBQs and helped to make the University experience more fun. These events have been so successful that an extra two BBQs have been organized. The students and staff are now regularly lining up before the BBQ is ready to ensure they can get a nice fresh burger. The extra BBQ has enabled AMESS to meet the high demands of students and quickly have burgers served! The freezer has enabled AMESS to bulk purchase the supplies and keep them safely stored for each of the future events. 

    AMESS bbq freezer

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    Coaching brings success for Massey Albany Football Club

    Coach Anthony has been doing an amazing job with the team. Under his instruction, the team members are working well together, and have pulled off a few consecutive wins. As a result the Massey team has advanced to the ASFA Plate Semi-Final for our league, and are looking forward to more success for the rest of the season.

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