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Resignation of Social Vice-President

Jessica Montgomerie tendered her resignation as Social Vice-President during the executive meeting held on 15th July. As more than half of the term had been served, the executive committee decided not to run a by-election for the position. 

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MUA Malaysian Club Games Day

Malaysian Games
MUA Malaysian club had the opportunity to organise a game day named “Escape and Hunt” which is open publicly to both club members and non-members. The event has been divided into 3 sections. It started off with an ice breaking session aim to break the awkwardness between participants and few mini games were then played to enhance the bond between participants and team work within each group. The mini games that were played includes a quick race to recreation centre, charades, one team one leg, balloon stomp and general quiz. All these games require team work and chemistry within teams. It was meant to be a perfect kick-starter before the final mission that was going to take place after lunch. Besides that, there were points taken based on each team’s performance which morally boost their eager and effort while taking part in games. The second part of this event was lunchtime. Food includes pizza and snacks and drinks were also provided to participants. During lunch time, there is a cookie challenge for members to have the opportunity to increase their team points which could be useful for the main game to be played after break. In the final section of this game day, teams were meant to avoid being caught by “monster” (one of us from organised team) while finding clues around the campus. They also have to figure out the location of hidden treasure based on the clues obtained. The game was extremely successful; every team worked hard in finding clues with passion and hard work. Surprisingly, all the teams were working together to find the treasure and the winning team shared the final prize with everyone. It was a fun day and a wonderful experience filled with positive feedback. 
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MUA Malaysian Club Movie Night

Malaysian movie night
Thanks to the grant from round 4, we as the Malaysian club had a movie night held at one of our member’s houses. The movie that we watched was “Charlie St Cloud”. As committees, we arrived early to the spot for food and drinks preparation. Besides having snacks bought using the club grant, members also contributed by bringing in homemade cake and red bean soup as dessert.During the pause of the movie, we had a quick introduction which followed up with questions on member’s names. The motive of having this activity is to encourage the interaction among club members and ultimately reinforce the relationship between club members. Few questions about the movie were also asked and the movie was then resumed after the snack break with the taste of the homemade cake and red bean soup. Since the movie ended earlier, games such as ‘Mafia’ were played among the members. It was a fun night and we received some positive feedback about this event. It was a privilege to be able to successfully apply for club grant 4 and hopefully we can do more events in the future with a better commitment from members leading to a much positive response. 
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Engineers Eat Burgers Thanks To New BBQ and Freezer

Thanks to the kind grant allowing AMESS to purchase a new BBQ, a freezer and regular BBQ food/supplies, countless students on the Albany Village campus have benefited from these monthly BBQs and helped to make the University experience more fun. These events have been so successful that an extra two BBQs have been organized. The students and staff are now regularly lining up before the BBQ is ready to ensure they can get a nice fresh burger. The extra BBQ has enabled AMESS to meet the high demands of students and quickly have burgers served! The freezer has enabled AMESS to bulk purchase the supplies and keep them safely stored for each of the future events. 

AMESS bbq freezer

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Coaching brings success for Massey Albany Football Club

Coach Anthony has been doing an amazing job with the team. Under his instruction, the team members are working well together, and have pulled off a few consecutive wins. As a result the Massey team has advanced to the ASFA Plate Semi-Final for our league, and are looking forward to more success for the rest of the season.

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eSports Club Update

Big thanks for the grant we received for our bbq and minecraft. It was very successful and we've received a lot of new signups for the club because of this.  Watch out for the Super Mario Smash Bros tournament that we will be running in semester 2. 

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ASA Newsletter published

Here's a link to our latest newsletter.  Sign up to ASA to get these directly to your inbox. 

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Smoking Area Changed on Campus

Thanks to all who have completed our smoking surveys. Massey announced today that the smoking area has been moved on campus.  A smoking shelter is now located in the car park adjacent to Pukeko Hall, Te Ohanga Village.

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Ball Tickets On Sale Now!

The tickets have arrived for the ASA Venecian Masquerade Ball being held on 26th August.

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Class Advocate Sign-up for Semester 2 Now Open

We have received the paper offerings from the University and so you can now start signing up to be a CA for you semester 2 papers.

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James Edley appointed to ASA Executive

As per the rules of the Association, following the resignation of Asman Umjad and the promotion of Lance Walsh, James Edley was offered and has accepted the psotiion of general representative on the ASA Executive team. 

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Gate 1 closed during mid-year break

Gate 1, the main entrance gate to the campus, will be closed during the mid-year break period from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 17 July, inclusive.

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Dog Therapy Day - Exam De-Stress Fest

Our thanks to Canine Friends for once again bringing their dogs to campus to help our stressed students de-stress - even made the TV!! Click title to watch.

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Rock Climbing Club Update

MUARCC has been as strong as ever this year! We have been making weekly trips to Extreme Edge Panmure and occasionally Extreme Edge West to mix things up. Even as assignments have been picking up our members have proven to be faithful, new and old alike. We can’t stop climbing!


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Futsal Strong at Albany

The Massey Futsal Fundraising Tournament was a great success for MAFC. There were 7 paying teams competing which resulted in over $300 net profit for the club. Massey students were involved in many of the teams, and the club members did a great job of organising and running the tournament.

The Futsal Team in the Wednesday league is looking good, we have introduced a lot of new blood to the team, with most of the more experienced players moving to other teams to make room. We are looking to capitalise this year on our new talent and build up these players and in the process spread this amazing sport to more students.

Futsal team

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Tennis Club Update

The club is playing regularly over at Tennis Northern each Wednesday. Our coach, Alex Shepherd, turns up each week and we're all getting quite a bit of individual coaching as numbers this semester have been quite low. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the courts and join us.  We are an all-weather sport as we have the option of playing indoors if it rains. We apply for grants to cover a large proportion of our costs, so you're only looking at a dollar or two to play! We even supply the racquets! 


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Parking on Campus

The university have advised us of changes to parking at the Albany campus. Click title for more info. 

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Lance Walsh promoted to Administration VP

The ASA executive accepted the resignation of Usman Amjad as Administration Vice-President at their meeting on 13th May 2016.  Lance Walsh was promoted to this role.

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Malaysian Club Welcome Dinner

Thanks to the grant from round 3, the first welcome dinner for MUA Malaysian club was held at one of our member’s houses. Before the dinner, the committee came earlier to help out in the kitchen and prepare foods for the steamboat. 16 of us turned up for the dinner and we also had a few Malaysian students who graduated from our university last year joining the dinner. This has been a very successful event as it gave our members a great chance to know each other and socialise. During dinner, our club committee were introduced to the members so that the members could familiarise themselves with the committee. Unfortunately, some of our members had to leave early so Mafia games were only played by those who stayed after dinner. After the games, we took the chance to discuss about our further plan in setting up the night market stall on campus.

Malaysian photo R3

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Student Engagement Forum

How about some FREE Sushi for lunch? Come along to this semester's student engagment forum to find out all about how your student services levy is spent. Click here for all the info.

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