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Gate 1 closed during mid-year break

Gate 1, the main entrance gate to the campus, will be closed during the mid-year break period from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 17 July, inclusive.

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Dog Therapy Day - Exam De-Stress Fest

Our thanks to Canine Friends for once again bringing their dogs to campus to help our stressed students de-stress - even made the TV!! Click title to watch.

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Rock Climbing Club Update

MUARCC has been as strong as ever this year! We have been making weekly trips to Extreme Edge Panmure and occasionally Extreme Edge West to mix things up. Even as assignments have been picking up our members have proven to be faithful, new and old alike. We can’t stop climbing!


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Futsal Strong at Albany

The Massey Futsal Fundraising Tournament was a great success for MAFC. There were 7 paying teams competing which resulted in over $300 net profit for the club. Massey students were involved in many of the teams, and the club members did a great job of organising and running the tournament.

The Futsal Team in the Wednesday league is looking good, we have introduced a lot of new blood to the team, with most of the more experienced players moving to other teams to make room. We are looking to capitalise this year on our new talent and build up these players and in the process spread this amazing sport to more students.

Futsal team

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Tennis Club Update

The club is playing regularly over at Tennis Northern each Wednesday. Our coach, Alex Shepherd, turns up each week and we're all getting quite a bit of individual coaching as numbers this semester have been quite low. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the courts and join us.  We are an all-weather sport as we have the option of playing indoors if it rains. We apply for grants to cover a large proportion of our costs, so you're only looking at a dollar or two to play! We even supply the racquets! 


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Parking on Campus

The university have advised us of changes to parking at the Albany campus. Click title for more info. 

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Lance Walsh promoted to Administration VP

The ASA executive accepted the resignation of Usman Amjad as Administration Vice-President at their meeting on 13th May 2016.  Lance Walsh was promoted to this role.

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Malaysian Club Welcome Dinner

Thanks to the grant from round 3, the first welcome dinner for MUA Malaysian club was held at one of our member’s houses. Before the dinner, the committee came earlier to help out in the kitchen and prepare foods for the steamboat. 16 of us turned up for the dinner and we also had a few Malaysian students who graduated from our university last year joining the dinner. This has been a very successful event as it gave our members a great chance to know each other and socialise. During dinner, our club committee were introduced to the members so that the members could familiarise themselves with the committee. Unfortunately, some of our members had to leave early so Mafia games were only played by those who stayed after dinner. After the games, we took the chance to discuss about our further plan in setting up the night market stall on campus.

Malaysian photo R3

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Student Engagement Forum

How about some FREE Sushi for lunch? Come along to this semester's student engagment forum to find out all about how your student services levy is spent. Click here for all the info.

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Massey in the Mist - Sacred Graduand Sites Discovered!

For years now Massey Albany has been known for little more than its faux Spanish mission style architecture. However, the ASA's intrepid cultural anthropologist has unearthed (literally) yet another sacred site and the article that follows will serve to de-'mist'-ify the Secret Steam Hole.

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Smoking Areas Survey

ASA are running a survey to find out where you think the smoking areas should be on campus.  This is YOUR chance to have YOUR say.

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Meet our Clubs 2016

Our clubs have lots to offer - check out this video and get involved!


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Budgeting Seminar

This is a MUST attend event to get you through the year! Wednesday 20th April, 1pm-2pm, Student Lounge. FREE LUNCH to those who register here.

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Advocacy Extension Training

The ASA Advocacy Service will be offering Advocacy Extension Skill Training throughout 2016. Click here for more info and to sign up.

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Rock Climbing Club Oweek Climbing Wall

Once again, we hired in a climbing wall for Clubs Day and once again it was a great success for our club. We had many people have a go on our portable climbing wall! We were able to secure over 60 new sign ups and promote our sport and club. Thanks very much to the ASA and Massey for your support.

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Community Garden Welcome BBQ

Using some of the grant from round 1 we were able to hold an introductory barbeque for new members of the Community Garden. This has been a very successful event as everyone enjoyed themselves and got to know each other, we even had a number of members from the wider community come along and get involved. The photos below were taken at the BBQ and show some of the food made from the garden produce as well as the number of people who came along. It was a great opportunity to show people the garden and talk about their ideas for the coming year. We have also been involved with clubs day which was very successful with 27 new members signing up and a large amount of interest in the garden and what activities we do. The community garden also ran a station as part of the Massey Amazing racing, where contestants needed to find and label four plants in the garden. This proved a bit of a challenge for some teams but was good fun for everyone involved. There was great support from club members for all of these events with a number of people helping out and running the activities.

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Badminton Club report

The badminton club appreciates the support of ASA and Massey in providing them grants to subsidise the cost of the shuttlecocks used during training sessions. They have had lots of beginner players who have developed their skills and rhythm and club members with more experience have been happy to give guidance to the beginners so that everyone can improve their social and badminton skills together. 

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Football Club report

As a result of our previous grant the Club was able to maximise its effectiveness during Clubs Day. As a result we had 60 new members sign up and had a high level of involvement in members helping out at our table. Many of these new members have registered for the Massey outdoor men’s team which will soon compete in the Auckland Sunday Football Association League (ASFA). Offering this as an option would not have been possible without the grants we received last year for uniforms and the most recent grant to subsidise the entry fee. We have a friendly match against AUT scheduled for Sunday 20th March.

Below is a picture of our Wednesday Futsal Team wearing the new uniform purchased with a Grant from the ASA.



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AMESS Disorientation Event

The Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS) welcomed their new first year Bachelor of Engineering students last week. The Albany Village campus orientation event included a number of team building activities to show the students around the campus, and introduce them to staff, concluding with an afternoon at Long Bay beach in the sun with members of AMESS, with members from every year participating, including post-graduate. Throughout the day the students were challenged with short-tasks, culminating with the task of protecting an egg that was to be fired from a three-man slingshot.

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AMESS super-size their server

After the successful grant for new hard drives to replace the failing set inside the AMESS server, the new ones have been configured as a single redundant 30TB array which is able to offer resources to all of the AMESS members. The people configuring the server are very grateful for this ability and many new students in first year are very interested in being able to use this server once it has finished being set up. This will become a valuable resource throughout the year and future years to AMESS.

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