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Since an earlier FB post appeared today students have been brooding over the cock and bull story that Massey had hatched the idea to erect a golden cow statue. Feed-back from students included a cowlection of comments that they think further golden offerings would be sooooo offal. Don't be afraid my sweet chickadees, the sky is NOT falling..........

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A furore has broken out between Massey's Albany and Manawatu campuses. Following the installation of the now infamous Golden Chicken Wing the university decided to commission a further sculpture which is due to be erected on the Albany campus at the beginning of semester two...............

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Garden Club to hold cooking workshop

The Garden Club will soon be hosting a Traditional Umu Cooking Workshop.

According to 2015 Garden Club president Richard Donovan, the workshop would be run with Senior Advisor Pasifika, Ben Taufau, and would use the taro grown in the garden.

“I just felt that it would kind of be a good opportunity for others to learn how to do it, especially since a lot of the members of the Community Garden are actually international students and I’m sure they’d definitely be interested in learning about the Island culture and traditional cooking, especially because it’s very similar to hangi and it’s a good way to bridge the cultures.”

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ASA By-Election results

Nominations have been received for the positions of International Students' Representative and Men's Welfare Representative. Check out our elections page for more information. 

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ASA by-election for 2015 executive

The closing date for nominations to all vacant positions as been extended until 9am Monday 16th March.  Get YOUR nomination sorted now and make a difference!

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ASA Special General Meeting

ASA will hold a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING in the Student Lounge on Wednesday 18th March at 12pm.

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ASA By-Election - Sign up to the Executive NOW

There are 5 vacant spots on the ASA Executive for 2015.  Don't waste any time, jump to our elections page now for more information. 

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Ok, times are tough, jobs are scarce but there are some tips we can give you. Firstly you need to have the 3 P's. PERSISTENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND POSITIVITY. Read on for more tips ............

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Chemistry Professor has all the winning elements to become Lecturer of the Year 2014

The 10th Annual Albany Lecturer of the Year (LOTY) Awards were held on Friday 14th November to a room packed to capacity with teaching staff that students had enthusiastically nominated and voted for and whom students identified as having  provided exceptional teaching in 2014..............

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Lecturer of the Year Awards - Winners Announced

All of the 167 lecturers nominated to be 2014 Lecturer of the Year are to be congratulated. But, following the awards ceremony held today, we can now announce the winners as decided by the students at Massey Albany.........

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Albany Students' Association Statement regarding Ashneel Prasad

Ashneel Prasad has been removed from office as ASA International Students' Representative 2014 for misrepresentation and failure to meet essential eligibility criteria. His election to this same office for 2015 has also been revoked.

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2014 Clubs Prizegiving

The annual clubs prize giving was held on the evening of Monday October 20th...

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Work and Student Loans

Don't run into problems with your student loan over summer - check out this information from IRD...

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Have you got your ducks in a row?

If you're studying next year there's a lot to get sorted.

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MAFF Football Tournament

(MAFF President, Naser, pictured with finalists Unitec and Auckland University teams)

This was the first Futsal Inter-University Tournament that Massey University has run after the discontinuation of the Inter-University League in 2009. 

Unitec managed to win first place after beating YMCA 6 1 in the Semi-Final and Auckland University by 4 to 1 in the Final. 

The Massey University team did well in the group stages by beating both YMCA teams but lost the semi-final game to Auckland by 3 to 1 and to YMCA B by 6 to 4 in the 3rd/4th placement game. Overall, it was a very successful day and we hope to have MIT and AUT on board in the future. 

Final placements were as follows:

  1. Unitec
  2. Auckland University
  3. Massey University
  4. YMCA B
  5. YMCA A
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MACS Speaker Event

Picture: Chris Broadbent (left) has an informal discussion with students about Fairfax media

The Massey Association of Communication Students was thrilled to have speaker Chris Broadbent from Fairfax media for a student talk at Ferguson bar on Wednesday2nd August. This Speaker Event concluded MACS’ Speaker Series for 2014, which hosted four industry professionals at Massey, educating students on the ‘real world of Communications’. Chris Broadbent holds a position in Fairfax Media as an Employment Relation Manager, giving the students insight about how to fit into a big organisation such as Fairfax media. Students enjoyed finger food, non-alcoholic beverages, and employment tips and tricks. Chris spoke casually to the group, answering questions and discussing how to apply for jobs and internships, how to stand out, and what NOT to do when applying for jobs. 

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Feedback from Student Services Levy Forum

Missed the forum? Check out what happened here. 

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ASA Executive Election Results

Check out the elections page to see who will be representing you in 2015.

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ASA Elections Polling Station Locations

All voting is online but you can find a polling booth at these locations.

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Post Graduate Students' Representative Needed

The nominee for the Post Graduate students' rep for next year's ASA Executive has withdrawn from the election.

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