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Full complement of staff on board

We've made our final staff appointments and welcome Katrina and Stephanie to our great team, here to support everyone in 2018. 

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Japanese and Malaysian Clubs' beach trip

Our last grant was used on the beach trip which went on brilliantly. We collaborated with the Malaysian club and had an exceptional time out in sunny weather; playing games, having a barbeque and even swimming in the sea. Since exams had just finished at the time, this was a perfect opportunity to relax and take their minds off the stress that they had just been through. We had outdoor sports such as football and baseball accompanied with an amazing barbeque, followed by swimming. Great weather and fun people meant we had a fantastic day that will go down in club history.Japanese Beach trip

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ASA welcome new staff

Fantastic to have 2 new members of staff this week. 

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Massey Frisbee Federation competes at National Ultimate Champs

After multiple leagues and trainings, the club was finally ready in competing in the NZUUC. The Albany squad competed alongside its Palmerston North and Wellington counterparts and entered two teams this year. It was a great to see that the sport is expanding in all campuses and everyone is continuing to improve. Despite the windy conditions and the mud pools we were playing in, everyone gave their best effort and committed to winning. Amazing team. Good spirit. Sick Ultimate.


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End of Year Outing for Dance Club

The dance club wrapped up a successful first year with a BBQ held at Long Bay Regional Park.  This event was arranged as an appreciation and recognition event for the committee and club members who have worked together to get the club up and running.  The BBQ ran from 2.30pm and finished at around 7pm. Everyone barbecued and ate snacks together, and then later played card games. Members spent an afternoon in laughter. The dance club is really grateful towards ASA for approving a grant to support this opportunity to get everybody together.

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Malaysian Club Open-home event - Rumah Terbuka

This was definitely a great afternoon to remember, the committee and the club members both having a great afternoon exchanging deep conversations reminiscing days in Malaysia and also expressing their interest in the Malaysia culture to non club member guests. The ‘Rumah Terbuka(open house)” event was definitely a success as all of our members were satisfied with the food given at the same receiving lots of positive feedback on the event. We feel the need to emphasise our appreciation towards ASA for not only the grant approval but also for all the help given. It would be impossible for us to develop the growth of our club without all this assistance. It really creates the bridge by allowing us to organize more exciting events by being able to provide food and drinks to organize a better events throughout the year and also the following years.


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New K-World Club starts up

안녕하세요 MUA K-World Club입니다! We are extremely grateful towards the ASA committee for granting us with our first start-up club grant which helped us create a foundation for our new club. The start-up grant went towards making items that were necessary for our kick-off event. We played a game that originated from the Korean variety show Running man which is called the name-tag elimination match where we are required to rip each-others name-tags off which were attached to our backs, while also playing a Korean style dodgeball match to warm ourselves up. This event was a huge success as we decided to do a collaboration with the MUA Japanese club, which resulted in a great turn out with wonderful memories made. 

K WorldSetup

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Dance Club Charity Performance in PN

As a dance club, we felt the need to provide youth a platform to showcase their talents and were excited to get the opportunity to take part in this charity performance in Palmerston North. It takes courage to perform on stage! Without the grand support from our campus, our trip to Palmerston North and performance would not have ended up this wonderful and perfect. A brief summary from our trip: our dance crew was the first opening dance team to perform in the charity event. We reached to Palmerston North around 1pm and our performance was at 6pm on the same day. We did not really have enough rest due to the limited time. However, we were lucky we arrived at the venue early and got a chance for a reheasal on stage before the event started. We look forward to growing our club membership and organising more exciting events in the future.


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2017 Clubs' Awards Evening


The 2017 clubs' dinner and awards evening was held in the student lounge on Wednesday 18th October. All club committee members were invited to the event as recognition of the work that they put into running their respective clubs and the contribution that clubs contribute to the campus culture. (Full details on the winners and event, click Continue Reading)

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Class Advocates' and Volunteers' Awards

ASA thanked their volunteer class advocates and event volunteers by hosting an awards party on the evening of Friday 13th October. 

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Japanese Club - Karaoke event

Our previous grant was put to wonderful use. The “Karaoke Event” was a tremendous success with a great turn-out of club members. We had a great turn out of around 20 people, split up into 2 karaoke rooms, and every one of us sang our hearts out in Japanese, Korean and English music. The Karaoke we went to is called ‘Albany Musics’ located at 4A Arrenway Drive. The atmosphere is lively and is a great stress relief. We spent a total of 3 hours singing and it all flew by. We are whole heartedly thankful for both ASA and Albany Musics for making this happen and we hope we can have an event like this again in the future.

Karaoke Event

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MUAFTS Q&A Session

Every year, Massey Food Technology students have to find a summer job as part of the requirements for the course to gain experiences in the food industry. This has always been a challenge for students moving out of our comfort zone to approach companies and send in our cv and cover letters. To motivate students to take their first step, we invited 2 of our Food Technology Graduate Students 2017, Joy Chebet and Katharina Wulandari to share their work experience in different company when studying in Massey University follow by a Q&A session. We had great food, music and networking! We would like to thank ASA for the grant approval, Wonder Room for the space, and the lecturers and students who supported us.


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Results for 2018 ASEC

Voting has closed and the resuts are announced.

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ComeUnity @ Massey update

A massive thank you to the committee for funding the ComeUnity t-shirts. They look fabulous and really make us stand out at Clubs Day. 

Our last food grant from 2017 funded our Friday night events for the latter part of Semester2. We saw a great response from students who were grateful for dinner being provided, making it easier for them to come along. Also, we find that the best conversations happenaround kai!

ComeUnity R6

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Yoga Lounge promotes healthy lifestyles

We applied and were successful getting a special projects grant in rounds 4 and 5 2017. This enabled us to serve 100 students vegan soup and flatbreads to promote our special yoga lifestyle workshop event. The event was successful; we had visiting monks, mediation and lunch a good time was had by all :-) We have also been having great success with our yoga classes with 25 students attending each week.


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Update from MUARCC

With a highly successful clubs' day to kick of Semester 2 and the continued support of CSCG, the Massey University Rock Climbing Club is once again heading out on our weekly climbs to the Extreme Edge rock wall in Panmure. This semester we endeavour to provide a fun and engaging environment for our old and new members to progress their skills to the next level. As a point of difference this semester, we look forward to heading outdoors to put all of our gym skills to the test as the cliffs finally shaking off their winter chill. 


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Update from the Movie Club

We’re over half way through the year and so far we’ve had six successful events. We’re noticing that we’re getting many regulars now, while in previous years many people turned up once, then never again. It’s great to get to know our club members better.

In the next couple of weeks, we hope to begin post-movie hangouts with club members who would like to chat with their fellow movie club members and make new friends. We’re still working out the details of this, and possible relationships with nearby cafes in order to make this work, but we hope it’ll add an extra layer to our events.

Last month we started Game of Thrones viewing nights. Already we’ve all had many laughs, a lot of chocolate, and it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones with gasps of surprise at the end of every episode. The success of these nights so far means that we can continue to run this kind of event in the future.

The Movie Club also welcome a new Executive member, returning exec, Marie. We’re very please to have her back with us. We’re all looking forward to a great second semester, full of movies and new friends.

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Election Special Newsletter

Read on!

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Student Life attend Ignite 2017 Conference in Waikanae

We would like to thank the ASA for providing us with both a grant and the use of the ASA van to allow us to attend the Ignite 2017 Conference in Waikanae which was fantastic. All our club members that went really enjoyed how fun and faith growing it was. We saw them get involved in club’s day activities after the conference to invite new members to join, and offering to help others grow. Photo shows Worship at Wild Fire Night at El Rancho Waikanae


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Politics Club gets active

Clubs day was success for MUA Politics Club. We signed up 17 new members and engaged with many students in political conversations. Pin the hair on Trump was back for fun and games while a ‘match the party to the policy’ challenged students on political current events.

Following clubs' day, we had a small gathering of students for our first meeting and a great turn out to our first speaker for the semester Golriz Ghahraman. Golriz told us her journey into politics including her experience as a lawyer fighting for both children and international human rights. She touched on her hopes to be NZ’s first ever refugee MP and gave us her stance on election issues. Some great questions were asked by students which facilitated plenty of great discussion points. Thanks again to Golriz for coming in to speak!

Look out for our upcoming events: Jin Ann will be coming in to speak on the 16th of August, and into September we will be running more events to engage students in the upcoming elections. 

Politics Golriz

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