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Student Investment Club off to a good start

Thank you for accepting our previous grant. With that money, we purchased our club apparel and publicly display our shirts at our weekly meetings. The remaining shirts are planned to be used with Facebook and attendance competitions which are to be implemented next semester. The movie night however was not very successful having poor attendance. We trace the issue to timing and lateness of the event. Members having to drive back to university at the end of the day only for a movie was not an effective time consideration therefore in future we would not consider doing movie nights. The vouchers have been well enjoyed, promoted the club and increased attendance as planned. We hope through future grants that we could continue those to help maintain our club numbers. 


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Malaysian Club's Welcome Party

Thanks to the grant from round 2, the welcome party for the Malaysian club ended up as a success. As a club, we felt the need to interact with the club members and encourage old members to help support new members to smoothly integrate into Massey University’s student life, through sharing their experiences. Furthermore, thanks to the grant we were able to provide catering of various Malaysian snacks to allow members of other nationalities to try Malaysian cuisine and to bring back memories of Malaysian food for the Malaysian members. We also did a brief introduction of ourselves to allow everyone to get to know one other. Additionally, we played games such personality bingo, Pictionary and a Q&A. As cliché as it sounds, the games we played successfully acted as a catalyst in breaking the ice. As the club committee members, we had the chance to interact and deepen the relationships between us and the club members; which we personally think is essential in getting the members to be more engaged and committed to the club. Lastly, we are really grateful towards ASA for approving this grant application for round 2. It created the bridge to allow us to organize more exciting events in the future by having more committed members. 


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MUA Cricket Club is back!!

Fantastic news.  We have an active cricket club once again. The cricket club have secured grant funding to hire the cricket lanes in the Recreation Centre and the club has a steadily growing attendance.  Practising at the nets is a great build up for when the cricket season begins next season, not to mention great fun! 


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AMESS Easter Event

AMESS hosted an Easter Eggstravaganza with a 3-day long chocolate egg hunt that had the students running, crawling and climbing around the nooks and crannies of the AV campus. With photo clues that helped them guide where to go and what to do, students enjoyed a bit of friendly competition with each other in their hunt to have the biggest chocolate egg stash. 


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Frisbee Federation hit the beach

After a successful beach event, last semester, MUFF decided to host the event again this year. The club celebrated the start of the semester at Long Bay Regional Park with plenty of food and drinks but most importantly good ultimate. We are looking forward to a wonderful club year with many ultimate events coming up.


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Japanese Club off to a good start in 2017

Thanks to the committee for awarding us a grant, the Japanese Club had a successful clubs day! We were able to create a fun Japanese game called “Fukuwarai” that enabled the executives to promote the club in an enjoyable way. We had many new members join the Japanese club which was more than we had imagined. The members are active as they regularly come to our bi-weekly meetings and participate in the activities we plan for them.

We wish to continue to create more fun activities that become great memories for the members. Here are some pictures from the Japanese club during the ice-breaker meeting and study group.


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MACS meet and greet and The Edge tour

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means to hold a meet and greet for new members of MACS at the beginning of the semester. It was a successful turnout, with free pizza and drinks for all who attended. With the previous round of grants, MACS was also able to take 10 club members to a tour of The Edge radio station studios. The members thoroughly enjoyed the tour and even got to meet Jay-Jay, Dom and Randall, the hosts of The Edge’s breakfast show. These were both successful events that helped MACS in creating an impacting and sustainable club. 

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Movie Club is back and active in 2017

What a beautiful start to the year for Movie Club! With many new members, and even more returning, we have a bigger club than ever!

For the first Movie Club event for the year, we went to see Beauty and the Beast. For a first event, everything went smoothly, no-one got lost, and everyone appeared to have a great time!

We had around 60 members attend and enjoy the movie. While this is a smaller event than what we have seen in the past, we are hoping for a large number to attend our next movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, due to the high amount of interest expressed on our group Facebook page.

With an experienced executive committee on board, we have many ideas of how to improve our club over the year, and create an even higher level of engagement than we already have.

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Rape Awareness Week - NZ Police Sexual Assault Media Release

Police hope a series of videos they have developed about reporting sexual assault will help victims to come forward.

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Frisbee Federation at Clubs' Day

Although the weather wasn’t so great, MUFF still pulled off a successful club's day. With plenty of advertising in the form of our newly commissioned wristbands and a place to throw around a disc we recruited new members. The club is looking forward on running social events and joining tournaments this year.


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MUA Malaysian Club - Clubs' Day

Thanks to the grant from Round 1, we had the opportunity to promote our club which allows us to achieve one of our aims during Club’s Day. We also gave out some Malaysian candies sponsored by one of our members and the results were amazing. Through this event, we got a decent number of members. Also, due to the huge flag that is put up on our booth, it was able to attract a number of new Malaysian students who became club members. We can not express how much we appreciate the success of grant application that enable us to assist the club by getting more members, and also sharing the Malaysian culture to the Massey community. 

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MACS - Clubs' Day Sem1 2017

The previous round of grants provided us the incentive and means to create a fun and enticing table at the Massey Albany Clubs' Day on Wednesday the 1st of March. It was a successful event (despite the rain) that helped MACS in creating an impacting and sustainable club. 


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eSports Club - Virtual Reality

For the first two weeks of semester, we hired a virtual reality set up and students tried the HTC-VR and were so impressed by the gaming technology, that  the club is going to look at purchasing our own equipment.The eSports booth at clubs' day was busy and we are looking forward to a great semester. 


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The Golden Promise Exposed as Prosperity Portal for Graduands

At last we have an explanation for the dubious 2014 decision to erect a great big golden chook wing in the courtyard between Quads A and B.

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Orientation Sem 1 2017 Video

What a fantastic Oweek - enjoy our recap!

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Newsletter published

We've just published our latest newsletter. Click here to read it (and past editions!)

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AMESS Toga Party

A much anticipated event.........

White sheets, wreaths and sandals were the students' wardrobe of the night as AMESS hosted its annual toga party. With an enormous turnout of 300 people, it was the biggest toga party the club has ever hosted. Students could live it up with their friends, relish their complimentary drink and enjoy the beats the DJ was playing. It was a night to remember and looking forward to other events the club is going to host.

Amess toga

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AMESS- Oweek Disorientation & Clubs' Day

disorientationAMESS started of the year with a bang! Starting with the annual AMESS ‘Disorientation’, we invited the new engineering and food technology students to the Engineering Campus, where they were given a hearty welcome by the committee, lecturers and other senior students. After all the formalities were done, AMESS took the new students to Long Bay Regional Park, so they could mingle with their peers and enjoy the food and drinks we provided.

AMESS decided to spice things up during club’s day by running a VR simulator on its booth. Students could experience the new and developing part of the gaming industry by playing games such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Archery and many more. The club also had other activities such as a paper throwing competition and 3D printed objects.


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AMESS - Procrastineering

Once again, the AMESS annual Procrastineering event was a huge success, with a huge turn out from every year group.  Thanks to the ASA grants, we were able to enjoy the day with plenty of food, music and most importantly, Bubble Soccer!!!! The club is looking forward to hosting lots more events like this, which will help boost inter-year socialisation and student life.



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Newsletter - Orientation Special

Our latest newsletter will tell you everything you need to know for Orientation and the return to study. 

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